Bamboo Plush bath towel – 1PC Soft towel


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Let me present to you Royale bamboo terry Bath towels, the height of elegance. something that will cause you to reconsider purchasing any other towel available. A response to people who favor our thick, fluffy towels over our thin ones, this towel was made to bring luxury home. The color of the product may differ from the screen due to color correction in cameras and device screen resolutions. really velvety and opulent around 670 grams in weight 72*150 cm, 560 GSM Suitable for delicate skin types Hotel Like experience, they have an innate resistance to odors. The stale scent of wet towels is gone!
Adorable package made of cloth The device you are using to view the product or the angle at which it is photographed may cause the real colors to differ from those displayed.

Bamboo Plush bath towel – 1PC Soft towel


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